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On The Bus™️ business coaching comes in many forms as we are a community for our members.

We offer multiple events with much more than just one to one coaching. Of course, we have one to one coaching and accountability, but we also have real-life events for our members and their employees.

On The Bus Sales Training, Consulting and Coaching™️ offer Daily coaching, Weekly Networking, Bi-Weekly Sales Training, Monthly Virtual Bus Trips, Monthly Lunch and Learns, Quarterly Trade Shows.

Chris Lipper Sales Coach

Chris Lipper – My Story

When asked for my credentials in advising entrepreneurs, I respond with the following description of my background. 

 I have learned by doing and the experience of others, not by studying. I have made my mistakes and seen others make similar mistakes and learned from them. I have been successful and have seen others successfully identified why whatever it was that worked did work.

 You have to decide if you have more to gain than to lose by On The Bus living this workbook’s content. I believe the odds favor taking the risk and hope that you will do so.

 Here is my background:

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family and having a diverse background can be a great advantage. 

After working as a kid on Wall Street, passing my series 7 test at 20 years old, selling in multiple industries from advertising, embroidery, and inventing dozens of products, patenting many of them, I’ve had the opportunity to be coached by hundreds of public and private companies over the past 20 years in sales and marketing strategies. I have experience creating brand identity and corporate images, as well as product development and marketing worldwide.

I’ve developed multi-million-dollar revenue streams and understand firsthand the challenges today’s business owners and executives face in terms of sales, marketing, and operational efficiencies. 

Being a professional facilitator, that has facilitated over 1,000 meetings of all kinds. I’ve heard the challenges and feedback of what works and what doesn’t for decades. The matters of most concerns to you have probably been faced and successfully managed by others before you.

You see, I am much more than a textpert. I have both experienced and witnessed firsthand some of the do’s and don’ts in the world of entrepreneurship most of my life. 

    Your risk in participating with me and the On The Bus workbook and classes are very modest, and your possible reward is significant.

“By being On The Bus I took my idea and turned it into a profitable company in less than four months!”



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