Simple Tips for Time Management for Business Owners

Simple Tips for Time Management for Business Owners

“‘Busy’ is a state of mind. Great entrepreneurs get more accomplished than weaker ones, but when you ask how they’re doing, they’ll rarely tell you that they are ‘really busy.’ Conversely, unsuccessful owners are addicted to being busy all the time. Even though their busy mode is destructive and isn’t getting them where they want to go, they still get a rush from having a lot to do.”

— Joe Zente, TAB Member and CEO of Z3 Performance Development

Small business owners often struggle with “time management.” There is always too much to do and not enough time to do it.

But in truth it’s not time you need to manage: it’s yourself — your actions and decisions — through the flow of time. The more you book yourself solid with appointments, plans and massive to-do lists, the more frazzled and frustrated you will become, and the less productive you are.

You’ll feel busier, but you’ll get less done. How’s that for irony?

Recently, we surveyed business owners to learn how they spend their time. Unsurprisingly, most are dissatisfied — particularly when it comes to how much time they’re spending working in their businesses rather than on them.

One of the best ways to manage your time better is to be self-aware of your activities and thought patterns.

Consider these 5 tips for improving self-awareness:

  1.  Be aware of your energy patterns. When are you most alert, creative and productive? When does your energy slump? Now schedule necessary tasks according to when you have the most energy to deal with them.

  2.  Know your priorities. When you know your priorities, you’ll have a built-in measuring stick for identifying what you need to give your attention to.

  3.  Be honest with yourself about procrastination. What’s causing you to put a particular task off? Is your gut telling you to hold off executing a plan? Or, are you subconsciously anxious of risk and failure and holding yourself back?

  4.  Put your own projects first. Most of us have a tendency to push our own priorities to the bottom of the to-do list in favor of someone else’s project. But the more you do this, the more you’ll miss your own priorities and wear down your personal batteries of productivity.

  5.  Learn to let go. Is your own need to control preventing you from effective delegation? Remember not everything has to get done by you — just those things that no one else is capable of doing. (And that category is probably smaller than you’ve been willing to acknowledge.)

To get better at time management, know thyself and act accordingly.

You’re a better judge of what needs to get done and how to do it with passion and purpose than any time management book, course or guru.

And in the end, remember why you’re making time for work:

“If you eliminate personal pursuits, trips or family time because you are so busy, you will never make time for the important things.

— Leyla Pinarli, TAB Member and President of ClaimFox, Inc.

Want to hear how other owners are managing their time? Contact us for more information today.

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