Chapter 6

Selling with Questions vs. Answers

So why do people buy? Desires? Wants? Needs?

 I believe fear is the number-one motivator to buy—better known as future pain.

 So, pain is what we want. No pain, no sale. No pain, no gain. So how do we figure out where the pain is? By giving answers.


By asking questions!

Part of what we are going to do by doing this is to change us from being the seller to the prospect being the buyer. The best way to do this is by asking them questions. EVEN IF WE KNOW THE ANSWERS, let them feel it. We want them to close themselves. Ask the questions… This is one of those would you rather be rich or right moments, don’t fight me on this one. Just go with it.

 Some Useful Questions

 Are we still good until 11:00? (with a scheduled 10:00 meeting)

Where do you live?


How old?

Where did you go to school?

Where do they go to school?

It was nice of Ashley to introduce us, why do you think she wanted us to meet?

How did you get into this business?

What are you currently working on?

What are your passions?

What’s your WHY?

What’s your biggest challenge in business?

What have you done to try to fix it?

Did it work?

Have you given up on trying to fix it?

What’s it costing you not to fix it?

Do you think it will get better?

Anything else you would like to fix?

What have you tried there?

Did it work?

(Bring them into your world a little, Have you ever used a consultant before?)

Who do you use now?

What do you like about them?

What don’t you like?

What could they do better?

What’s it costing you in time, money, or peace of mind?

Is it keeping you up at night?

What’s preventing you from joining?

Is that a big enough issue to make a change?

Have you thought about how you’re going to make the change?

Have you thought about how you would let your existing vendor know?

You guys are kind of a perfect fit for us. How would someone like me go about working with a company like yours?

How do you go about making a decision on companies like mine?

Who at the company makes decisions?

Do you have a budget for something like this?

How would you like to proceed?

What would you like to happen next?

 I want you to work on your questions and see what’s comfortable for you. Make cheat sheets with your questions.

Whether you get a no or a yes, ASK FOR THE REFERRAL!!!

Your Last Question

 Do you know someone who could benefit from working with us?

 Your turn. Make a list of your questions. You don’t have to ask every one-off them but know the questions you want to ask and your next question.