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We have a consistent track record of enabling sales professionals to create pipelines and deliver more profitable sales through a repeatable and teachable sales process.


Sales Coaching

Accountability is important. This helps all of us to identify and maintain those consistent moments in the selling process. It can also be helpful if there is someone who can remind you to not leave the basics. Basics are things like asking for referrals. If we don’t leave them, we never have to go back to them.

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Sales Training

Attend classes twice a month among like-minded business owners and make a behavioral commitment based on the class discussion to be implemented.

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Sales Consulting

Interested in learning more about sales strategy consulting? We focus on sales funnel consulting and sales management consulting, among other services unique to your needs.

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Sales Management

Let us take care of your sales management services for you and become your in-house sales manager. We will work with you on developing behavioral goals and finding people to work within your system with a sales management plan so you can manage the system vs. the people.

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Bus Stop Format

1st Friday of the Month –
Lunch & Learn Bus Stop: 11:30-1:30pm 

Chairperson introduces the speaker and pays for the room. Presenter pays for lunch. Presenter speaks for roughly an hour on a topic they are an expert on, infomercial, not a sales opportunity.

Discussion Meeting

Held On the 3rd Tuesday of Every Month – 11:30-1:30pm

Chairperson and a leader. Chairperson picks a leader to tell their sales / entrepreneurial story in a general way and wrap it up with a topic that we will discuss. The topic may be one that they struggle with or feel that they are an expert on. We will discuss the topic giving each a chance to share for 2 – 5 minutes. The leader speaks for about 12 minutes, ready go.

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“Every time I attend a sales training I walk away with great tools to implement in my business. The things I learn about myself and improvements I can make in my business day to day are valuable to help me reach my goals. I recommend sales training to veterans and novices because we can always learn something new every day.”
– Renee Mure, Renee’s Bookkeeping LLC


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Written by Founder and CEO, Chris Lipper