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All events are at 330 Changebridge Road, Pine Brook, NJ 07058.
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We have a consistent track record of enabling sales professionals to create pipelines and deliver more profitable sales through a repeatable and teachable sales process.
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On The Bus was created to assist business owners to open sales opportunities. Since our inception, we have evolved into much more. We have worked with 100s of companies offering world class sales training, coaching, consulting and management.
Sales training classes
Our signature sales training classes combine the best of multiple methodologies. We have a routine schedule with an interactive, consistent format. Uniquely, we have members commit to leading discussions on real life situations in each class.
One-on-one sales training
Regular attendance yields great performance growth. The format enables new learning each session, even for repeated topics, so members keep coming back.


“Every time I attend a sales training I walk away with great tools to implement in my business. The things I learn about myself and improvements I can make in my business day to day are valuable to help me reach my goals. I would recommend sales training to veterans and novices because we can always learn something new every day.” – Renee Mure, Renee’s Bookkeeping LLC